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Meeting the burden of proof for a wrongful death claim

The courts offer people multiple ways to pursue justice after the death of a loved one. Under New Mexico state law, when an individual or business causes the death of a person through negligence, default or misconduct, surviving family members can sometimes bring a lawsuit…

Proving fault in a New Mexico wrongful death claim

Like in any personal injury lawsuit, when it comes to a wrongful death case, the burden is on the plaintiff to prove that the defendant caused the deceased’s fatal injuries. Understanding burden of proof One thing to know about the burden of proof in wrongful…

Finding justice after the wrongful death of a loved one

When a beloved family member dies from natural causes, it is heartbreaking but often expected. You have time in many cases to prepare for your loss before death occurs. Losing someone you love abruptly is even more devastating, especially when it happens because of another’s…

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