Finding justice after the wrongful death of a loved one

When a beloved family member dies from natural causes, it is heartbreaking but often expected. You have time in many cases to prepare for your loss before death occurs. Losing someone you love abruptly is even more devastating, especially when it happens because of another’s negligence.

For example, commercial truck accidents remain a top cause of wrongful death in this country. When the truck driver or the trucking company acts negligently, it can lead to horrific injuries, many of which result in death.

Examples of trucking negligence

There are many ways that negligence can result in a crash and the subsequent wrongful death of the victim. We have provided some examples below.

  • The truck driver was drunk or drugged at the time of the crash.
  • The truck driver was fatigued from violating federal hours-of-service trucking regulations.
  • The truck driver failed to follow traffic laws.
  • The trucking company put an untrained driver behind the wheel.
  • The trucking company neglected to maintain its vehicle to avoid mechanical failure.
  • The trucking company failed to screen its drivers properly.

Truck and other fatal accidents share one common denominator. The people who have lost a family member to a negligent vehicle crash need justice. When the breadwinner of a family dies wrongfully, those left behind often cannot even make ends meet. Pursuing compensation is usually the best way to address these financial hardships.

You may believe it is impossible to hold big trucking and other companies to account for your loss. However, experienced personal injury attorneys can stand firm against big business to get their clients the compensation they need and deserve.

If you want to increase your education about New Mexico wrongful death claims, we encourage you to review more of our firm’s website. We also invite you to reach out to us for personalized guidance.

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