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Vehicular accidents are a common occurrence, and many occur because of negligence on the part of one or more drivers. Motorcycle accidents are much more extreme, as these incidents can easily lead to severe injuries or the death of the rider. If you or someone you know was involved in a collision, you need to speak with a Santa Fe motorcycle accident attorney who can provide you with the help you need.

At Egolf + Ferlic + Martinez + Harwood, LLC, we have experience handling a variety of vehicular accident cases. We can work with you to secure a settlement that will allow you to pay your medical bills and recover from the economic burden the accident put you through.

Can Egolf + Ferlic + Martinez + Harwood, LLC, Help Me After My Motorcycle Accident?

At Egolf + Ferlic + Martinez + Harwood, LLC, we seek to provide the same level of knowledge and experience as a big firm while giving you personalized care and attention for your case. We won’t try to craft a one-size-fits-all legal strategy. Instead, we can work with you to create an individualized plan specific to your case. Our approach gives you the optimal chance at securing a victory and settlement.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in New Mexico?

New Mexico, like many states in the country, is an at-fault state. This doctrine means motorists who sustain an injury due to someone else’s negligence can file a claim against them to seek compensation for bills resulting from the accident. In a no-fault state, you can only go through your insurance company to seek compensation.

Since motorcycles are much smaller than cars, they are often involved in accidents due to someone not paying attention or demonstrating negligence. Some of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents include:

  • Failure to notice the motorcycle: You’ve likely seen the signs urging motorists to watch for motorcycles. Because motorcycles keep a lower profile than cars, trucks, and SUVs, some motorists may not see them and collide with the bike. Motorcycles require a driver to pay careful attention to make sure they aren’t in a blind spot or otherwise endangering a rider.
  • DUI: If a driver is under the influence, it may lead to them failing to notice a motorcycle or steering into its path. In these instances, the biker will have recourse to seek compensation, and the vehicle’s driver will likely face criminal charges for DUI.
  • Tailgating: Some drivers think they can follow closer to a motorcycle than they should. In these instances, they may not be able to brake in time, leading to an accident and potential injury to the rider.
  • Manufacturing defects: Sometimes, the person you file a claim against won’t be another driver but the bike’s manufacturer. When there is a problem with the design that causes your accident, such as a wobble, you have the right to file a claim against the manufacturer for putting you in harm’s way.

Common Santa Fe Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When you’re in a car, you are much more protected from an accident than you are on a motorcycle. Even when motorcycle riders follow all safety precautions, they’re still especially vulnerable to negligent drivers’ actions, and the injuries that result can be traumatic and result in death.

Motorcycle accidents often involve the rider flying off the bike and hitting the ground. Even if you have protective gear like a helmet and jacket, this impact could cause a catastrophic injury and put you in the hospital. Some of the most common injuries after a motorcycle accident include:

  • Road rash: While it sounds minor in name, road rash can lead to long recoveries and severe discomfort. If an accident sends a rider flying from the bike, they will likely skid on the ground, causing cuts, bruises, and road rash. While protective gear like a jacket and pants will help alleviate some of the pain, the friction will likely still leave a rider extremely sore.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: A TBI can occur anytime your brain sustains an injury or trauma. TBIs range from concussions to brain bleeds. Any brain injury will require scans and a lengthy recovery process. While these injuries are more common for riders who choose to go without a helmet, they are still possible when you are wearing all the necessary safety equipment.
  • Broken bones: A launched rider won’t have much control of their limbs and how they land, and a bad landing can lead to broken bones. Many instances of this injury aren’t life-threatening, though there are some scenarios where a broken bone can lead to death if a doctor doesn’t treat the injury quickly.

What Should I Do After My Motorcycle Accident?

After a motorcycle accident, you’ll want to take a second to compose yourself. You need to maintain a clear head before doing anything else. Once you’re calm, you need to check for injuries of anyone involved in the accident.

Check yourself for any scrapes or signs of harm. Injuries aren’t always apparent after an accident, as your body will be pumping adrenaline that can make you numb to pain. If your injuries are too severe, you won’t be able to do much, but if possible, you should take steps to secure your safety and evidence for a potential claim.

If anyone needs emergency medical treatment, you or someone else should call an ambulance as soon as possible. You also need to call the police to report the accident.

You should take photos of the scene as soon as possible. Take a few pictures of your motorcycle, the other driver’s vehicle, the debris around the crash site, and any injuries you sustained. Any photos you have will serve as evidence later on. Exchange information with the other driver, and take a picture of their insurance documentation and a phone number at which to reach them.

Once the police arrive, give them your account of the accident. Be truthful and factual, and try not to embellish the details. Don’t accidentally admit fault or try to apologize for the accident. Once you finish the initial interview, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. We recommend doing this before speaking with an insurance agent, as they may try to diminish the compensation they owe you.

Can I Get Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident?

After a motorcycle accident, the victim has the right to seek compensation from other negligent drivers. These drivers need to be at least partially responsible for the accident. If you can prove fault, you may have a chance to receive a payout to help with the economic burden.

The most common compensation in a personal injury case is the at-fault party covering the victim’s medical bills. This may include the short-term immediate bills to treat any injuries at the time of the incident, as well as long-term medical costs for continued treatment and examinations. The more severe your injuries are, the more medical bills you will have to pay and the more compensation you will receive.

You can also seek compensation for lost wages while you’re unable to work. If the nature of your job prevents you from working while you recover from your injury, you may be able to seek compensation to supplement your income until you can return to work. If your injuries result in lost earning capacity, you could receive compensation for this as well.

Property damage is something else you should be compensated for. If your motorcycle was damaged during the accident, you could receive money to replace it or repair it. Santa Fe also allows residents to seek damages for pain and suffering. These damages can compensate you for some of the emotional and mental pain you’ve gone through as a result of the accident.

Do I Need an Attorney to Represent Me After a Motorcycle Accident?

While you can legally represent yourself in a civil trial after an accident, this is a difficult process and could result in you losing life-changing money. In most instances, a layperson does not have the appropriate level of understanding of the law and settlement negotiations to handle a case by themselves.

Many accident cases end up with a settlement outside of court. If you go it alone, you may take an unfavorable settlement from the opposing party and not know what your case is truly worth. An attorney will be able to give you an accurate idea of how much you could gain and what a fair offer looks like.

If the case does go to a trial, your attorney will represent you and present your case logically and appropriately. They will be unbiased and can give you objective advice on how to proceed.

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When you’re involved in a Santa Fe motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who will fight for your rights and pursue a settlement to ease the economic difficulties the accident caused. At Egolf + Ferlic + Martinez + Harwood, LLC, we can help.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, contact us today to see how we can help you obtain the restitution you deserve.

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