3 traumatic motorcyclist injuries

While motorcycles are an enjoyable luxury, they are dangerous. Motorcycles don’t have the same protective outer layers as cars. This means that motorcyclists are more likely to suffer from severe injuries than other drivers. Furthermore, motorcycles are lighter and smaller than cars and can be harder to spot.

Every motorcycle accident is unique. Victims of motorcycle accidents may suffer from the following traumatic injuries:

1. Brain bleeding

When the head suffers a severe blow or strike, the brain can shake around the skull. As the brain shakes around, it could develop bruises. Brain bruises can swell and put pressure on the skull. A brain bruise is dangerous because it can damage brain cells and tissue, but it can also bleed.

When the brain bleeds, it can reduce blood flow and kill cells. A victim of brain bleeding may become dizzy, develop seizures and lose consciousness. The damage to the brain, the size of the bruise and the severity of the bleeding often determine whether a victim can recover from their injuries. Survivors often develop long-term medical conditions after brain bleeding.

2. Skull fractures

Another injury that motorcyclists may suffer from is skull fractures. Skull fractures occur when the head suffers a hit and the skull breaks. A victim’s skull could cave in and put pressure on the brain and damage tissue and cells.

In more severe instances, the skull could break. Skull fragments could enter the brain and cause severe damage and bleeding.

3. Paralysis

In an accident, the spine could develop an injury that causes paralysis. Paralysis can prevent someone from feeling or moving their limbs. Paralysis affects people in many different ways. A victim may lose feeling in an arm or leg. Some people develop partial body paralysis that affects the upper or lower torso, or full-body paralysis that affects the entire body.

Victims of motorcycle accidents may need to learn about their legal options when seeking compensation.

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