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What is covered under the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act?

Fraud is a crime that involves lying or misrepresentation for financial gain. Those accused of fraudulent financial activity may face either federal or state prosecution. The Federal False Claims Act is relatively similar to New Mexico’s Fraud Against Taxpayers Act. The Fraud Against Taxpayers Act…

Medicare fraud is costing taxpayers billions

The Hippocratic Oath states that a physician will provide care to their patient, protect their patient’s privacy, and act ethically. Most physicians abide by that oath and ensure their patients receive the highest level of care. However, some physicians and healthcare organizations don’t follow those…

New Mexico’s law rewards those who report misuse of taxpayer funds

Both income taxes and property taxes fund many government programs. The public coffers furnish everything from railroad maintenance to healthcare for those with limited income. At the federal level, there are laws that encourage people to act as whistleblowers when they realize their employer has…

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