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Make sure your divorce meets your needs

Deciding that you need to get a divorce is a major life change, and it’s one that you must ensure you handle properly. Mistakes during the divorce process can lead to you having to deal with negative effects. Because of this, it’s always best to…

Injuries to the face: Devastating injuries from auto collisions

Any time someone is in an auto accident, there is a risk that they could suffer from injuries to their face. There is an airbag that could hit them in the face, or there could be debris around that might cause lacerations or impaling wounds. Between…

When do you qualify for pain and suffering after a car accident?

Some car accidents are relatively minor, leaving those involved with few or no injuries. In a severe crash, most victims are not so lucky. Many suffer from brain injuries or spinal cord damage, potentially affecting then for the rest of their lives. You probably know…

3 ways a car crash injury can impact your earning potential

Whether you just want to file an insurance claim or intend to file a civil lawsuit against the other driver, you need to understand what a car crash will cost you. One of the ways people underestimate the impact of a crash on their lives…

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