Injuries to the face: Devastating injuries from auto collisions

Any time someone is in an auto accident, there is a risk that they could suffer from injuries to their face. There is an airbag that could hit them in the face, or there could be debris around that might cause lacerations or impaling wounds.

Between the risk of cuts, scrapes and blunt force trauma, it’s not surprising that some people end up with disfiguring wounds that require attention following an auto collision. Those injuries require specialized attention and can have a devastating, long-lasting impact on a person’s life.

Facial disfigurement challenges people’s perceptions

One of the greatest challenges about disfigurement is that it challenges people’s perceptions about themselves and can affect the way they’re treated by others. The wounds themselves may cause dysfunctions, too, such as trouble chewing or speaking, which could make the injuries even more significant.

There are often mental health challenges that arise with these injuries, because there is a greater chance of poor self-esteem, bullying and other issues.

It’s important to get support if your face is disfigured

It’s necessary to note that there are many treatments and surgeries that can help those living with disfiguring wounds. There are also mental health therapies that can help people work through their relationship with trauma and the anxieties or frustrations that come with it.

You deserve support if you’ve been through a disfiguring crash. Beyond the medical care that you need, you deserve the opportunity to seek fair compensation. You may no longer be able to work, or you may need expensive care to help you recover as much as you can. It is appropriate for you to look into making a claim against the at-fault driver, so you can get the money you need for your lost wages, financial losses from medical expenses and to live more comfortably as you get used to this new reality.

There is help available for you. Though this is a difficult injury to deal with, the right approach to your care and case can help you get the money and attention needed to improve your quality of life once again.

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