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APS to pay Don Moya $800,000 in whistleblower case

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2018 | Administrative Law, Firm News

After a lengthy court process, Albuquerque Public Schools settles the Don Moya whistlerblower case with a payout of $800,000 to Moya. Kate Ferlic, Moya’s attorney, along with an APS representative, released a matching statement which said, “Both parties are happy to put the events of 2015 behind them and are moving forward in a positive direction.”

In 2015, Don Moya, former CFO of APS, filed a whistleblower lawsuit against APS after being fired by former APS Superintendent Luis Valentino. At that time, Moya disagreed with the audits that were to take place of APS. Valentino sent Moya a text meant for former New Mexico Public Education Secretary Hanna Skandera the morning of April 7, 2017 which read Valentino would ““go after” Moya for running “roughshot.” Hours later, Don Moya was placed on administrative leave from APS.

Kate Ferlic spoke to the Albuquerque Journal regarding Don Moya’s recent position with Santa Fe County as a finance director. Moya misses working in education, which was “his passion,” Ferlic said. “It’s been a tough few years.”

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