Former APS Employee Files Whistleblower Lawsuit

Kate Ferlic filed a whistleblower lawsuit on behalf of former Albuquerque Public Schools employee Antonio Montano. During his employment as a groundskeeper he was instructed multiple times to illegally dump chemicals into a drainage ditch near The Pit, University of New Mexico’s sports arena. When Montano refused to depose of hazardous chemicals into the ditch, he expressed his concerns to his supervisor, APS Human Resources and New Mexico Department of Agriculture. Montano worked for APS for 9 years, however, was fired without warning after he questioned APS’s pesticide disposal policy.

In an email to the Albuquerque Journal Ferlic wrote, “We have tried to work with APS to help change policy and resolve Mr. Montano’s concerns. However, APS left him with only one option – to seek protection of the Court.”

Read more via Albuquerque Journal

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