Why truck accidents can be complicated

Truck accidents occur at a higher rate than you may believe. In 2020, 106,902 trucks were involved in injury crashes and 4,842 in fatal ones.

If you are involved in a truck accident, you should be ready for a complex case. Here is why:


Liability is one of the factors that may make a truck accident complicated. The driver may be liable if their negligence caused the accident, but other parties may take responsibility. These include:

  • The trucking company – If their negligence (poor work schedule, poor hiring practice and unrealistic expectations) caused the accident
  • The loading company – If a loading mistake (failure to organize or secure cargo properly) was the root of the accident
  • The truck owner – If they failed to maintain the truck, that is, if the trucking company leases vehicles
  • The manufacturer/designer – If a manufacturing or designing defect caused the accident.

Therefore, you may need to assess your case more closely to know the appropriate party to blame for your injuries.

Serious injuries

Due to their size and weight, most truck accidents lead to serious injuries, which means you may be asking for a large settlement. Accordingly, the involved insurance company may use numerous tactics to reduce the payout or avoid compensating you.

Several vehicles

Truck accidents can involve several vehicles. This can make it difficult for investigators to determine fault, as another car may have made the initial mistake. Further, it can be challenging to expedite a multi-vehicle accident claim. Your case may go on for months before it’s finalized.

A truck accident claim can be complicated, but you can handle it. You could get legal guidance to understand the moves to make to receive the compensation you deserve.

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