What is distracted driving?

There are millions of drivers and every day, thousands are victims of auto accidents. Many of these accidents are caused by reckless driving, drunk driving, speeding and aggression. But, one of the biggest causes of auto accidents is distracted driving.

Distracted driving happens when a driver’s attention is momentarily drawn away from driving. There are many causes of distracted driving. Here’s what you should know:

What causes distracted driving?

Distracted driving happens in three ways: visual, manual and cognitive. In essence, a driver becomes distracted when they can’t react to an oncoming obstacle because they’ve focused on something else. Here are a few causes of distracted driving:

  • Phones: People typically carry their phones with them while they drive. A phone may ring or sound a notification that draws a driver’s attention to it. The driver may then look away from the road to see who is calling or texting them, which can lead to several seconds of distracted driving.
  • Food and drink: Drivers may eat fast food or other meals while driving. Eating and drinking while driving requires people to use at least one hand. Unwrapping a meal or spilling a drink may take drivers’ attention away from the road.
  • Radio and AC: While cars are manufactured with radios and AC controls they can also lead to distractions. Drivers may have to look away from the road to turn a radio or AC dial.

Anything can become a distraction while driving. A billboard may draw someone’s attention. Or, a child or passenger may require the attention of the driver.

You could be the victim of an auto accident where the other driver was distracted. If this happens, you could suffer damages and losses and require legal help to learn about your options.

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