Signs of a TBI after a car crash

A car crash can lead to a traumatic brain injury, or a TBI, that could alter the entire course of your life. A severe TBI can cause you to lose physical skills, undergo personality changes and much more. It’s important to get proper medical care as quickly as you can.

To this end, you need to know what symptoms to watch for. Many TBIs are closed head injuries, so you may not have the clear external evidence of how bad the injury is — even if it could potentially be fatal. Below are a few potential symptoms of TBI to look for.

Physical signs

In terms of physical changes and symptoms, you could have difficulty talking. You could feel dizzy and unsteady, and you may experience mobility and balance issues. Many people also report symptoms like feeling nauseous or having a headache that gets worse with time. You could also experience trouble with your senses, such as extreme sensitivity to light and sound.

Cognitive signs

Perhaps the largest indicator of a TBI is losing consciousness. Whether it’s for a few minutes or just a few seconds, this indicates that the brain has been harmed. After you wake up, you may have trouble with your memory and putting your thoughts together. In some people, personality changes are so pronounced that friends and family barely recognize them.

The effects of a TBI can stay with you forever because not all of these injuries completely heal, even with time. If someone else caused the crash and your catastrophic injuries, you need to know how to seek proper compensation to cover medical costs and other expenses and damages.

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