Psychosocial effects of a severe spinal cord injury

A severe spinal cord injury from, say, a car accident could leave you paralyzed, and the effects may be far-reaching beyond having limited physical mobility.Scientific studieshave established irrefutable links between spinal cord injuries and mental health, as detailed below.

Life can change drastically after suffering such injuries, and you may find yourself having to adjust to situations you were not used to. For instance, you may no longer be able to execute simple tasks that you could previously handle, which may lead you to think you are a burden to your loved ones.

Depression and drug dependency may creep in

You may lose your job and some aspects of your social life owing to the state of affairs. On top of that, the sudden change of roles can take its toll and affect the relationship you previously had with family or friends. Emotional and behavioral problems may also develop from such injuries as you adjust to a new lease of life. Depression is a real possibility, especially at this stage when you are yet to come to terms with reality.

Some people turn to drugs or alcohol to try and numb the pain, but this can negatively impact your health and well-being. Furthermore, you may find yourself dependent on these drugs, compounding an already tricky situation.

Professional counseling is highly recommended

Turning to your social support system can be complemented by seeking professional help. A mental health counselor can help you adapt to reality, as will joining a peer support group with others in a similar situation. Regardless, life must move on, and it’s best not to give up.

A clear mind will be your best weapon when safeguarding your legal rights. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the origin of your injuries, you may be due for compensation which may go a long way in making life more comfortable.

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