How much can you recover from your New Mexico car accident claim?

The injuries you suffer from a car crash can profoundly impact your life. You may be out of work for months or years. In some cases, it could mean the end of your career. Beyond that, your relationships with close friends and families may never be the same.

These are just a few ways a car accident can affect your quality of life, and it is only fair that you get fair compensation. However, not many are aware of their claim’s worth or how much they are entitled to as compensation.

The law in New Mexico

Under New Mexico laws, there is no minimum or maximum amount of settlement that you can get with a car accident claim. The law does not define the amount you can recover in compensation. Instead, it all depends on the damages you suffered due to the accident. In some cases, you may be awarded punitive damages meant to punish the negligent party.

The law comes into play only when you have something to do with your accident. Under New Mexico’s pure comparative negligence laws, your contribution to the accident will diminish your claim. For instance, if you are 30% at fault, you can only recover 70% of the damages awarded.

Calculating the value of your claim

It is not so easy to precisely establish the much you are entitled to since every case is unique in its own way. It is also not easy to ascertain the appropriate compensation for damages like pain and suffering.

It’s best to seek experienced legal counsel, well versed in the assessment and valuation of personal injury claims to have an informed figure of the value of your claim. It will help you keep off lowball offers and protect your interests.

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