Delivery drivers should operate safely, but they’re also under pressure

Delivery trucks are supposed to be driven by safety-conscious drivers who prioritize not just getting the job done, but avoiding all accidents along the way. These are experienced, professional drivers who fully understand that a simple mistake could leave someone else — like you — with serious injuries. It’s their job to be conscious of this risk, especially in large vehicles like 18-wheelers or delivery vans.

For instance, there was a time when UPS told their drivers not to turn left unless there was no other choice. Yes, going around the block and turning right three times could take longer. Yes, it burned more fuel. But the odds of an accident were so high when turning left that they understood it needed to be avoided. That was paramount.

The pressure to work quickly

If you’ve ever worked in a fast-paced environment, though, you know about the inherent pressure to get the job done as soon as you can. While your boss may technically tell you to work safely at all times, you also have quotas to meet and tasks that have to get done by the end of the day. Some of these tasks may even be timed.

It’s no different for professional drivers. A driver with a truck full of packages that need to get delivered by the end of the day knows that there is pressure to make those deliveries on time. Many customers are tracking their packages with their phones. They know when things are out for delivery, and they expect them on time. A driver has to hit those deadlines.

Could this pressure cause some drivers to speed? Could it cause them to make dangerous left turns when they shouldn’t? Workers who rush — in any industry — are more likely to make mistakes. When that rushing worker is someone who is behind the wheel of a large truck, those who are sharing the road with them are also at risk. It’s not something that can be ignored.

What if you get injured?

If you get hit by a professional driver and suffer serious injuries, you may have multiple options to seek compensation. Make sure that you know exactly how to proceed.

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