3 emotions you might feel during divorce

When there are issues that can’t be resolved in your marriage, divorce can be the best solution. The weeks and even months during and after the divorce come with many emotions, however. It surprises some people to know that they will have this emotional roller coaster because they may have assumed they would be happy as soon as they made their decision.

Knowing what to expect when you go through a divorce may help you work through the emotions. If you have children, coping properly with your own emotions may help you to model how to handle these matters.

#1: Regret

Regret is something that shocks some people who are going through a divorce. There are many things that you might regret, including the time you stayed in the marriage. For some, regret comes when they think about the things in the future they’ll miss. They may regret not being able to continue on with certain traditions that won’t be possible after the divorce.

#2: Anger

You may be angry that you’re going through a divorce. The anger may be pointed at yourself or your ex. In some cases, it’s just anger directed at the situation. Try not to let anger consume you because it can put you in a negative spot.

#3: Hope

Even if the divorce was unexpected, you may start to feel hope. It may help you to get to this point if you can plan your life after the end of your marriage. Come up with goals and set the path into motion so you can achieve those goals.

Being able to keep your emotions in check during the divorce can help you to make decisions based on logic instead of emotion. Working with a divorce team who can help you to learn your options and determine how they’ll impact you is beneficial.

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