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Judge Ellington recuses himself from Jason Wagner case

Judge Ellington announced today in court that he recused himself from the Jason Wagner case. Judge Ellington’s decision comes two weeks after Jason Wagner’s attorneys, John Day and Megan Dorsey, filed a motion to recuse Judge Ellington because he showed bias against Jason Wagner when…

Judge rejects Jason Wagner plea deal

Before prosecutor Jason Lidyard could finish reading the terms of the Jason Wagner plea deal agreed upon by defense attorney John Day and the prosecution, District Judge Ellington rejected all terms. The plea called for Wagner to resign from the Santa Fe Police Department, and…

Santa Fe Mayor supports Jason Wagner

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales supports Lt. Jason Wagner, the re-hired Santa Fe officer accused of time card fraud. Several text messages between the mayor to Wagner were filed in a notice to provide new evidence by Jason Wagner’s attorney John Day. The text exchange…

Judge drops money laundering charge in Adame-Orosco case

A judge dropped money laundering charges and tossed out “piles of evidence” against Ismael Adame-Orosco and Angela Adame, owners of In and Out Plumbing in Taos, New Mexico, after federal law enforcement could not produce documents proving they properly applied for a wire tap. Read…

Donovan Maez pleads not guilty in Chavez-Silver case

Donovan Maez entered a plea of not guilty in the Jaydon Chavez-Silver murder case. Maez, son of state Representative Stephanie Maez, is one of three young men accused of killing Chavez-Silver during a drive by shooting in Albuquerque in June. Maez’s attorney John Day was…

Taos Prosecutors back off trafficking allegations

Taos Prosecutors are backing off their drug trafficking allegations against Ismael and Angela Adame of In and Out Plumbing, and are now pursuing a lesser offense of money laundering and tax evasion. “The facts do not as a matter of law come within the definition…

Tai Chan’s attorney John Day speaks to KOAT

Tai Chan’s attorney John Day spoke with KOAT regarding the judge’s decision to not release Jeremy Martin’s personnel files.“We believe that the secret files that contain medical information and background information on Jeremy Martin are still relevant and it’s material that we’re entitled to,” Day…

Defense attorney John Day respectfully disagrees with judge’s decision

A Las Cruces judge denied the release of slain Santa Fe officer Jeremy Martin’s personal records. Tai Chan’s defense attorney John Day responded by stating, “We respectfully disagree with Judge Macias’ opinion.” “There’s a reason why Santa Fe County has spent thousands of dollars in…

Tai Chan self defense evidence

Watch criminal defense lawyer John Day speak to KOAT Action 7 News regarding the new Tai Chan self defense evidence. DNA tests confirmed Tai Chan’s blood on the stained sheets. Watch the interview here via KOAT

Defense lawyer: New evidence supports Chan’s self-defense claim

Tai Chan’s attorney John Day entered two photos of blood stained sheets as evidence in a court filing in Las Cruces. The sheets were from the room that Jeremy Martin an Chan shared at Hotel Encanto. DNA tests results confirmed the blood on the sheets…

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