Santa Fe Mayor supports Jason Wagner

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales supports Lt. Jason Wagner, the re-hired Santa Fe officer accused of time card fraud. Several text messages between the mayor to Wagner were filed in a notice to provide new evidence by Jason Wagner’s attorney John Day.

The text exchange below happened on August 13, 2014

Wagner : “Damn media won’t leave my crap alone. Grrr.”

Gonzales: “F— them. We r all standing behjnd (sic) u,” the mayor wrote back. “Don’t worry about this stuff. It’s a distraction. Start building relationships with people who will stand up for you and more … Don’t get pulled into the soup.”

The document states, “Mayor Gonzales’ supportive texts establishes that the claims of the District Attorney about the City of Santa Fe being somehow ‘victimized’ by Detective Wagner’s work are not truthful and in fact ignore the facts that show it is the City of Santa Fe that owes money to Detective Wagner for his uncompensated work as a police officer.”

Read more viaAlbuquerque Journal

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