APS CFO returns with new title same salary

APS CFO Don Moya plans to return to work on February 15 but will have a new title, Financial Systems Architect. The new title maintains the same salary, but the job description is clearly a demotion, states his attorney Kate Ferlic.

“This is a significant change in responsibilities,” Ferlic said. “It is unfair to say the least.”

Ferlic believes Moya’s reassignment is directly related to his whistleblower lawsuit filed in August, which is further evidence of retaliation from Albuquerque Public Schools.

Tragically Moya was involved in a serious motorcycle accident this fall where he broke both legs and must use a wheelchair.

“For now, Don is working on his health with intensive physical therapy to get to a point where he can get back,” she said. “He has been under tremendous stress.”

Read more via Albuquerque Journal

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