3 things not to say to the other driver

When you are involved in a car accident, the steps you take afterward are crucial. You should be careful about what you do to protect your claim. One of the things you should do is collect evidence, which includes taking photos and exchanging information with the other driver. This means you may need to talk to them.

Here are three things you should not say when doing this.

“I’m sorry”

Of course, the first thing you may want to say in a devastating incident is, “I’m sorry,” but this may work to your disadvantage in accidents. Apologizing may be viewed as accepting fault. If the other driver informs their insurance company that you apologized, they may use it to deny compensating you, or at least, fairly.

“I’m not hurt”

If the other driver asks if you are okay, you should not say, “I’m not hurt.” This may be translated as the accident didn’t injure you. Even if you believe you are not injured, you should avoid saying so. Only your doctor can help you know the location and extent of your injuries.

“Let’s solve it by ourselves”

The other driver may want to prevent the case from reaching their insurance company because they know their rates may be increased significantly. Accordingly, they may request to solve it by yourselves. While you may see where they are coming from, this may not be in your best interest – you should not agree to it.

You need time to assess and calculate damages and potential future ones to receive fair compensation. Thus, you should involve insurance companies and the court if necessary.

What you say to the other driver matters. You should get legal guidance to make the right moves after an accident.

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