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Postnuptial agreements can benefit both marriage and divorce

A postnuptial agreement functions like a prenuptial agreement. The only real difference is when the two parties signed the document. For example, couples enter into prenuptial agreements before they get married. When they want the benefits of a prenup but are already married, they can…

Help your children deal with the changes that come with divorce

Parents who are divorcing may become focused on the practical side of the situation. Things like property division and the legal process are often the most important to them. They need to ensure that they’re helping the children during this process because the kids are…

How can you quantify the expenses caused by disfigurement?

For most people, severe injuries are wounds that affect mobility and function. Amputation or spinal cord injuries may seem severe, while flesh wounds may not seem nearly so concerning. Modern trauma care has reached a point where people can survive truly horrific accidents that could…

How quid pro quo sexual harassment can hurt your career

Sexual harassment is a problem for numerous reasons. It limits the access of certain individuals to high-paid and competitive professions. It also affects that individual’s career development and trajectory. Someone experiencing a hostile work environment might have a difficult time progressing to the next stage…

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