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Leg injuries in a crash may seriously impact your life

In automobile accidents, it’s possible to severely injure your legs. These injuries are particularly common in front-end collisions and side collisions where the driver is almost directly impacted. Crushing injuries from the front end pushing in or damage from debris could both lead to serious,…

3 rules you need to know about New Mexico wrongful death cases

When a person or possibly a business causes the death of someone you love, you will experience a lot of different emotions. Grief, depression and anger are among the most common responses. Some people will harness those negative emotions and use them as motivation to…

Psychosocial effects of a severe spinal cord injury

A severe spinal cord injury from, say, a car accident could leave you paralyzed, and the effects may be far-reaching beyond having limited physical mobility.Scientific studieshave established irrefutable links between spinal cord injuries and mental health, as detailed below. Life can change drastically after suffering…

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