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Albuquerque Volkswagen owners upset over VW Scandal

Albuquerque Volkswagen owners are speaking out against Volkwagen and their “cheater diesel” engines. University of New Mexico freshman Alice Vernon bought her first car, Volkswagen Jetta, this summer because she “thought it would be economically speaking a good car that would last me a long…

Egolf Ferlic + Day file Class Action Volkswagen Lawsuit

Santa Fe law firm Egolf + Ferlic + Day filed a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen and two Albuquerque Volkswagen dealerships. Earlier this month Volkswagen admitted to installing software on 11 million “clean burning” Diesel engines so they would pass emission inspections. “The list of…

First New Mexico Volkswagen Lawsuit filed by Egolf Ferlic and Day

Egolf + Ferlic + Day filed the first New Mexico lawsuit against Volkswagen of America and two Albuquerque Volkswagen dealerships. The lawsuit “accuses the companies of fraud, breach of implied warranty, breach of contract and violations of the New Mexico Unfair Trade Practices Act.” The…

Own an affected Volkswagen? Call Egolf + Ferlic + Day

Egolf + Ferlic + Dayis looking for people who purchased (new or used) an affected Volkswagen. The list is: Jetta (Manufacturing year 2009 – 2015), Jetta Sportwagen (MY 2009-2014), Beetle (MY 2012 – 2015), Beetle Convertible (MY 2012-2015), Audi A3 (MY 2010 – 2015), Golf…

Patricia Brainard files Whistleblower suit against DOC

Kate Ferlic’s client Patricia Brainard filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the Department of Corrections on Friday in Santa Fe.  Brainard claims she was fired for two reasons – questioning the use of Pearson-Vue’s GED program and agreeing to testify in Catherine Johnson’s whistleblower trial, also…

Wagner’s attorney states working from home was allowed

The prosecution in the Jason Wagner time card trial claims Jason Wagner worked from home while he was a patrol officer from 2005 – 2007, and would like to submit the evidence to the court. However, Jason Wagner’s attorney, John Day, states he has high…

Don Moya’s emails expose the APS Scandal

The Albuquerque Journal obtained internal emails between APS CFO Don Moya, Superintendent Luis Valentino and Deputy Superintendent Jason Martinez that exposes the APS scandal regarding requests for proposals and shady backgrounds of proposed vendors. In the emails, Luis Valentino writes to Jason Martinez he is…

Judge drops money laundering charge in Adame-Orosco case

A judge dropped money laundering charges and tossed out “piles of evidence” against Ismael Adame-Orosco and Angela Adame, owners of In and Out Plumbing in Taos, New Mexico, after federal law enforcement could not produce documents proving they properly applied for a wire tap. Read…

Donovan Maez pleads not guilty in Chavez-Silver case

Donovan Maez entered a plea of not guilty in the Jaydon Chavez-Silver murder case. Maez, son of state Representative Stephanie Maez, is one of three young men accused of killing Chavez-Silver during a drive by shooting in Albuquerque in June. Maez’s attorney John Day was…

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