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Egolf + Ferlic + Day use Casetext by LegalPad

Egolf + Ferlic + Day stay ahead of the technology curve by using LegalPad by Casetext. “This could be a gamechanger for attorney collaboration, particularly for information sharing,” said Kate Ferlic, partner at Egolf + Ferlic + Day. “Casetext provides a platform for lawyers to…

Jason Wagner case goes to trial

A Santa Fe judge ruled there is enough evidence for the Lieutenant Jason Wagner case to go to trial for allegedly falsifying his time card. Wagner’s attorney John Day and co-counsel Megan Dorsey argue Lt. Wagner was working from home utilizing flex hours which is…

Judge rules Officer Wagner’s statements cannot be used in court

A Santa Fe judge rules in favor of Officer Jason Wagner. District Judge Glenn Ellington said the statements Wagner made to former police chief Ray Rael in November 2013 cannot be used in court. Wagner’s attorney John Day filed a motion that states when the…

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