Types of TBIs you may experience in an accident

In an accident, you may experience several types of injuries. One of the most serious is a traumatic brain injury or TBI.

There are two ways that TBIs occur in an accident. These are described below.

Closed brain injury

A closed brain injury can occur if you experience a non-penetrating injury to your brain with no break in your skull. This type of injury is usually caused by your brain moving quickly back and forth inside your skull. This results in blood vessels and brain tissue being torn and bruised. Most cases of closed brain injuries occur in accidents, but they may also occur because of a fall.

Penetrating brain injury

A penetrating brain injury occurs when there is an open head wound. This type of injury also causes a break in the skull. They can occur because of debris in the accident or some other projectile that injures your head.

The possible outcomes of a brain injury

If you experience a brain injury in an accident, you may experience short- and long-term issues. Some TBIs have mild symptoms that disappear over time. More severe ones can cause a permanent disability.

Some of the effects of an accident caused TBI can include:

  • Confusion
  • Judgment issues
  • Amnesia or other memory problems
  • Weakness or paralysis
  • Poor balance
  • Poor coordination
  • Changes in your smell, touch, taste, vision, and hearing
  • Issues speaking and understanding speech

What rights do you have after an accident caused TBI?

If you experience a TBI in an accident, you have the right to hold the at-fault party responsible and receive damages. It’s important to have evidence and prove that your injury was caused by the accident to recover this compensation.

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