Ferlic sues Taxation and Revenue Department on behalf of Ultra Heath

Ultra Health, New Mexico’s largest producer of medical marijuana, is suing the Taxation and Revenue Department for 1.54 million in collected gross receipts tax plus attorneys fees. In the lawsuit, Ultra Health is seeking medical cannabis to be treated as medicine which is exempt from gross receipt tax.

“Affordability is an issue for all New Mexicans, and even a more significant burden to the severe qualifying conditions suffered by medical cannabis patients,” Ultra Health president Duke Rodriguez said in a statement provided by his lawyer, Kate Ferlic.

“Patients already pay 100 percent out of pocket for medical cannabis,” Rodriguez said. “If the average cost of medicine for patients is $2300 a quarter, the average [gross receipts tax] burden on medical cannabis is nearly $1,000 per year. This is a huge undue burden on patients with debilitating medical conditions. … It is time that we recognize the tax fairness due medical cannabis patients who are making a healthier and fiscally responsible choice for their well being.”

Read more via Santa Fe New Mexican

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