Eating behind the wheel is a kind of distraction, too

Any kind of auto accident can result in a serious injury. No one expects to get into a crash, but the reality is that they can happen easily. All it takes is one person making a mistake, and many lives could be affected.

One of the things that people do regularly but that they may not realize is how dangerous eating behind the wheel is. When you eat behind the wheel, you become distracted in several ways such as physically removing your hands from the wheel or looking away from the road.

Eating behind the wheel is distracted driving

Eating behind the wheel is one way that you could become distracted, and it’s not a good choice. When you look away from the road, even for a few seconds, you greatly increase the risk of being involved in a collision. Additionally, if you spill food or a drink, you could be burnt or end up in a crash as you try to clean up the mess.

One of the other possibilities is that a person who eats behind the wheel could start choking on their food. If this occurs, they may lose control of their vehicle or end up passing out during the medical emergency. In that case, they, as well as others, may be at risk of serious injury or death.

What can you do to avoid eating behind the wheel?

To avoid eating behind the wheel, it’s smart to plan your meals out. For example, if you are going to be on an eight-hour drive, plan for at least a half-hour stop in the middle, so that you can stop at a restaurant or drive-thru to grab something to eat. Then, park or eat at the restaurant, so you’re not eating while you drive.

If someone is eating behind the wheel and causes an auto collision, they can be held liable for their actions. It is smart to look into your options if someone hits you while distracted, because you may be able to make a legal claim and have them cover the cost of any medical care you need or the damages that they’ve caused.

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