Do you know the most dangerous days for drunk driving crashes?

The risks related to driving change at different times of day and days of the week. Even seasons throughout the year have different risks. The weather and people’s behavior change, causing unique safety concerns.

When it comes to drunk driving, some of the more serious risk factors are obvious. For example, you probably know that right after a major event lets out or when bars close for the night the chances are higher to encounter a drunk driver. People who have overindulged will be on the roads in large numbers. That isn’t the only time you have more risk for a crash caused by a drunk driver.

Understanding when the most drunk driving crashes take place on public roads can make it easier for you to avoid getting into a wreck. Drunk driving crashes tend to peak on specific days, which might make it easy for you to plan to avoid the most dangerous times on the road.

Summer holiday weekends are a peak time for drunk driving

Holidays throughout the year come with celebrations that often involve alcohol. Drunk driving increases around most major holidays. Still, the risks are even greater in the summer. Outdoor socialization and a few extra days off of work might combine to push people into unsafe decisions.

From year to year, the holiday with the overall highest number of drunk driving crashes changes. Some years, it is the 4th of July, although Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend also usually have more crashes than the average weekend. If the Fourth of July falls during the week, on the weekend immediately before or after it will likely be when more of those drunk driving crashes will occur.

 You can’t always avoid driving on days with higher risk

In a perfect world, you could just stay home on the days when drunk driving risks are the highest, but that isn’t practical. Not only do you likely have work obligations and family responsibilities that require driving, but you may also want to celebrate those holidays. You shouldn’t have to avoid all celebrations just because some people overindulge.

Understanding the fluctuating risk for drunk driving crashes can help you keep safe on the roads and can make it easier to stand up for yourself if someone does cause a collision.

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