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3 important rules for New Mexico wrongful death lawsuits

Those harmed by others may have the right to take action and legal court. In New Mexico, statutes allow for personal injury lawsuits when one party hurts someone else. Wrongful death lawsuits are an important subset of basic personal injury lawsuits. A wrongful death lawsuit…

Truck driver pay and the pressure to drive unsafely

Many truck drivers focus on safety. They know that their vehicles can pose a risk on the road, and they know how important safety is for commercial drivers. This is why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) prohibits the use of handheld devices, for…

Signs that a laceration is infected

Recognizing whether a cut is infected is necessary for proper wound care. It also helps individuals who have been injured in this way to avoid serious complications. After all, some infections can be much worse than the initial injury that inspired them. It’s important for…

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