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Tips for driving in heavy traffic

Driving in heavy traffic can be a nerve-wracking experience, even for seasoned drivers. The close proximity of vehicles, frequent stops, and slow pace can make it a stressful ordeal. Add to that the unpredictability of other drivers, and it’s easy to see why heavy traffic…

Reducing the risk of passenger distractions

With over 280 million registered cars on the roads in the U.S., driving is a popular way to get around. In some cases, workers drive their daily commute. For others, driving allows them to take trips away with their family and friends. In any case,…

Why are spinal cord injuries so expensive?

Spinal cord injuries might very well be the most feared injury caused by motor vehicle accidents. People have a hard time imagining life with limitations on their mobility, and the stories about spinal cord injuries that reach the mainstream media are often quite tragic. Both…

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