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The most common causes of truck accidents in New Mexico

Sharing the road with trucks and large commercial vehicles can feel intimidating. It’s easy to feel dwarfed by their sheer size, especially on freeways where you’re surrounded by them while traveling at high speeds. As a resident of New Mexico, you’ll know how the weather…

Life events that can lead to a divorce

Divorce is often inspired by a single event. The most common example of this is an extramarital affair. When the other partner learns about the affair, there’s a very good chance that they are going to file for divorce, even if they did not previously…

Recent New Mexico whistleblower case leads to $340,000 settlement

It takes courage to stand up to your employer when something is not right. Whistleblower cases often come about when guidelines are ignored, clear violations take place and employee concerns rejected. In the most egregious cases, those alarmed employees even lose their jobs. Such scenarios…

2 rules for living with your spouse during divorce

Navigating a divorce is overwhelming on all levels – financially, emotionally and even spiritually. Once you have resolved to end your marriage, you will have an additional number of hard decisions to make. One of these is whether you should continue living together while working…

Who is at fault in a New Mexico rear-end crash?

Most car wrecks are completely preventable. In fact, studies show that well over 90 percent of car accidents are at least in part attributable to human error. When a road user’s reckless or unlawful intentions lead to an accident, they are deemed to be at…

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