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What trucking safety regulations will affect your case

The trucking industry is subject to federal and state laws for safety reasons. Given the size and weight of trucks compared to standard vehicles, accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, which is why drivers and trucking companies are required to adhere to these regulations. If…

What can you ask for in a New Mexico wrongful death claim?

If another person or a business causes the death of your family member, you will want justice. In some scenarios, the state of New Mexico May prosecute the responsible party. A conviction for drunk driving or a similar offense may give you some closure, but…

Is your child acting strangely toward you after your divorce?

Emotions can run high in a divorce, especially if children are involved. Sometimes one parent can try to turn a child against the other parent. They may do it out of spite or to gain a greater share of custody. If you notice your child…

Spinal dislocations may lead to spinal cord injuries

Spinal dislocations happen when the ligaments around the spinal column are torn or stretched abnormally. This can result in the spine moving out of position. The vertebrae may lock over each other, which then could cause pressure on the spinal cord. If this kind of…

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