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Jason Wagner accused of fraud to remain on payroll

Santa Fe police lieutenant Jason Wagner will remain on “alternate duty status” after the DA filed four felony counts of fraud. Lt. Wagner’s attorney, John Day, said, “He’s a good cop and people who jumped to conclusions about this are going to be wrong,” he…

Santa Fe mayor still backing police chief in the Jason Wagner case

Santa Fe Police Chief Eric Garcia continues to have the support of Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzales in the wake of criminal fraud charges filed against Lt. Jason Wagner, a high-ranking officer who Garcia brought back to the department despite allegations of possible time card…

DA charges Jason Wagner Santa Fe officer with fraud

The DA charged Jason Wagner Santa Fe police officer with four counts of attempted felony fraud. Wagner’s attorney John Day stated Lt. Wagner was a victim of “old-school city politics” and he looked forward to clearing the Santa Fe officer’s name in court. Lt. Jason…

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