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5 causes of auto accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s very rare that a day goes by without someone suffering from a car accident. Studies have shown that over five million people suffer from car accidents a year, which equates to over ten thousand injuries a day due to collisions. 

Many of these accidents are caused by similar reasons. Here are a few reasons auto accidents occur: 

1. Drunkenness

Sobriety is key for safe driving. Drivers who drink or use drugs before and during the operation of a vehicle can cause auto accidents. The reasons why alcohol and drugs are dangerous while driving is because these substances can impair drivers’ reaction time, judgment and motor functions. 

2. Drowsiness

Many people don’t realize that drowsiness while driving can be just as dangerous as alcohol. People who are sleepy may experience symptoms similar to drunkenness. Furthermore, drowsy drivers can fall asleep while operating their vehicles. Drivers may become drowsy after driving without stopping for breaks, working late shifts or using certain prescribed drugs. 

3. Distractions

One of the biggest causes of auto accidents is distracted driving. People become distracted while driving in various ways, such as eating, looking at billboards, changing the radio or interacting with pets. The most common cause of distracted driving is texting and talking on the phone. 

4. Speeding

While speed limits indicate the speed that drivers should maintain on roads, some drivers will drive above the limit. Drivers who speed above the limit can lose control of their vehicle and cause fatal auto accidents. For example, speeding makes it harder for drivers to stop their vehicles before a collision.

5. Turn signal negligence 

Drivers should use turn signals to indicate when they’re planning to change lanes or turn down roads. Many drivers neglect to indicate their intention to do so. As a result, other drivers may be unaware of what these drivers are doing and be victims of turn signal negligence.

If you or someone you know was injured during a car collision, it may help to reach out for legal help to understand how to get compensated for losses and medical bills.