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Ferlic represents whistleblowers in case against a New Mexico state agency

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Employment Law, Firm News

Attorney Kate Ferlic filed a whistleblower lawsuit against New Mexico’s Office of the Superintendent of Insurance on behalf of Shawna Maestas. Maestas, a former financial audit bureau chief of the agency, discovered and reported incorrect underpayments from insurance providers. According to the Albuquerque Journal, after she reported the underpayments to Attorney General Hector Balderas’ office, Maestas was “threatened with arrest and criminal prosecution.” Maestas was also excluded from meetings and audits and eventually resigned from her position  after her work conditions became intolerable.

“It is terribly unfortunate that the superintendent of insurance chose to target some of the most important whistleblowers in the history of the state of New Mexico,” Ferlic said. “Instead of helping to root out fraud, waste and abuse, the superintendent of insurance retaliated against the very women who brought the fraud suit in the first place.”

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