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APS defense bills over $680K in whistleblower case

On Behalf of | May 6, 2017 | Administrative Law, Civil Litigation, Firm News

Albuquerque Public Schools’ defense bills in the case against former APS CFO Don Moya continue to accrue over $680,000, meanwhile Moya’s attorney, Kate Ferlic, has discovered important evidence has been destroyed.

“I think that APS is cutting off its nose to spite its face,” said Ferlic. “They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in this case, and they’ve had every opportunity to let the truth be known.” While Ferlic reads through thousands of “meaningless” APS documents, she is missing valuable text messages between Hanna Skandera, Luis Valentino and other administrators.  In addition, Ferlic told the Albuquerque Journal public documents, such as letters which could be key evidence in the case against APS, were lost according to Valentino and former APS chief of staff Toni Cordova.

“That is disturbing, particularly because these are public records that deal with public business, and I think the public has the right to know what’s in them,” Ferlic said.

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