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Judge visits land in dispute over beavers with Santa Fe Girls School

On Behalf of | May 27, 2016 | Civil Litigation, Firm News

After 3 days of testimony, Judge David Thomson will visit the land in dispute between Santa Fe Girls School and adjacent neighbor Ed Sceery.  The middle school students at Santa Fe Girls School use their land near La Cieneguilla to learn more about science and nature by rehabilitating the land and conducting science experiments.  The students’ environmental efforts have brought back a balance of nature and native beavers have returned to their property.  Sceery’s lawsuit against Santa Fe Girls School claims the return of the beavers are causing flooding to his land.

Defense attorney for Santa Fe Girls School, Brian Egolf, said this “would set a dangerous precedent that private property owners could be held responsible for damage caused by wildlife.”

“This is becoming a much, much, much more significant case for the broader community,” he said.

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