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Attorney Kate Ferlic says APS is taking advantage of Don Moya

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Firm News

Santa Fe attorney, Kate Ferlic, told the Albuquerque Journal Albuquerque Public Schools is taking advantage of Don Moya’s poor health.  Moya, the former CFO of APS, has been on administrative leave since August 2015 when he was abruptly told not to report to work from former APS Superintendent Luis Valentino.  During Moya’s leave he was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left him with two broken legs.  APS demanded Moya to report to work on April 1st ignoring doctor’s orders for Moya to return May 3rd.

APS officially fired Don Moya on April 12th.  Ferlic said, ““It is unfortunate that APS has decided to take advantage of Mr. Moya’s injuries from an unrelated motorcycle accident and terminated him against the advice of his doctors.”

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